Environmental Services

TruWest Environmental Solutions Inc. specializes in taking a multi-phased approach with our services. We can provide a site survey to identify whether or not hazardous materials are present, complete with lab results and a method statement to determine the scope and extent of work required.
In the event that hazardous materials are present, we can provide a quote on abatement costs. The project will then be completed as per our assessment and all waste generated will be transported and disposed of in accordance with all relevant protocols. Upon completion, our clients will be provided with an independent third party consultant’s analysis and report on the post remediation status to ensure peace of mind for both the building owners and occupants.
The third party environmental consultants follow the highest industry standards in site and laboratory testing as well as provide clear and concise reports detailing all site and laboratory results

By choosing Truwest Environmental Solutions Inc. for your next abatement project you can be assured of a professional, pragmatic approach with a keen sense of detail and a firm commitment to everyone’s well-being and health and safety.


To set the benchmark for quality work, customer service and site safety in the hazardous materials abatement industry.


Our mission is to protect the health and safety of everyone involved in our projects and to ensure that our project sites provide a healthy and safe environment for current and future generations